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Benchmark Never Quits flag
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The Veterans Home Front logo

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HORIZONTAL LOGO (icon left of text)
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Themed Slicks

These are all available for co-branding with a realtor in the Marketing Machine.
Just search by tag, using the phrase ‘never quit’.

Co-Branded Social Media

You can now create co-branded social media graphics in the Marketing Machine. with your partners logo. Just select ‘Facebook Graphics’ from the left hand menu. Much more to come!

Social Media Captions

Social Media Captions doc graphic
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VA Pre-Approval Letter

VA Pre-Approval Letter preview graphic
Not Texas
Benchmark Mortgage
Benchmark Lending
Benchmark Home Loans

If the property being purchased is in Texas, the Texas “Conditional Approval Letter” OR “Conditional Qualification Letter” MUST be provided along with this VA pre-approval letter. Both are included with the letter in the .ZIP download above.

Stand Up Banners

Event Plug Video Request Form

**Allow 3 Business Days for Delivery of Video**

    Responsive Email Template

    Benchmark Never Quits email template
    Instructions for Use:
    Fill out the appropriate form below, and click “send”. You will be emailed the template with the Loan Originator’s Name used in the template in the signature.

    Step 1:
    You should open this email, and begin to “Forward” the email (but do not send).

    Step 2:
    Select the template (or delete the extra content from the body automatically inserted by Outlook, including your email signature), select all (right click, select all; or [control(win)/command(mac)] + [a]), then copy (right click, copy; or [control(win)/command(mac)] + [c]).

    Step 3:
    Paste this into your mailing application’s email body. If you are simply emailing it from within Outlook, click “New Email”, and paste into the body of the email.

    From there, add email addresses/lists to the “To” field of the email, add a Subject, and you’re good to go!

    Referral Partner

      Past Client

        Email Signature Addendum

        Benchmark Never Quits flag

        “NO MORE will the veteran be taken advantage of. We have changed the way VA lending is done. We will always do right by the veteran and provide first-class service that ensures our veterans receive the American Dream of home ownership they deserve.”

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